Last week I went to shops and found lots of very cheep sewing bee kits for beginners. I completed the bunting today. I’m giving it to my auntie if she wants it 😉

 I’m really happy with it. My other sewing project today was we bought willow a cost from a car boot sale (selkie’s seconds for munlochy animal aid). I added new Velcro and I also unpicked the sides and moved the middle tie slightly do it fitted her better. I did manage to break the needle in my machine in a pin I forgot to remove. That involved getting bmwnual out and reading what to do. All in all really happy with my progress. Tomorrow is a an apron and a denim dog bone toy with crinkle inside 



Today I bought a desktop Hoover. So much mess is left from sewing all the wee bits of thread of clipped fabric. Best of all it’s a Henry and he only cost me £6.00. Can’t wait to use him. 


Tshirt bag

Today’s adventure in sewing is s up cycled tshirt bag. Took tshirt (hogwarts of course) cut the neck using a plate to a circle. 

You then need to remove the arms. I did this by using Stitch ripper however you could easily cut them off (my cutting skills are not good). 

Turn your bag inside out and decide how big you want it be. Stitch a line across the tshirt and cut below this stitch. Turn inside out and you have a bag. 

You could stitch the handles to neaten it up but well I kind of like the tough edges. Not bad for a first attempt a great present (I gave it to my friend Shona). Also a great way to use old tshirts.

Dog toy

Todays adventure in sewing involved making a dog bone soft toy for my labrador Willow and Spaniel Pippin. both love soft toys but they do wreck things not always intentialy either.

i started with a bone template, i cut out two pieces from an old shirt and two pieces from plane white fabric. I pinned them and pressed them. IMG_6862.JPG

I then took both pieces and sewed them together right sides away from me, leaving a small opening. Turned it out and pressed it again and filled it with stuffing. and sewed up the side left open, i hand sewed this side and gave it to the dogs to play with. They like it very much.


I had issues with the stitches, but ive discovered i might not have threaded the machine properly and i dont think i used the right stitches. I would also use thicker fabric perhaps Denim. and perhaps make it a bit bigger to.  Most importantly its a learning curve its a steep one. but its good fun and the dogs like it.





Sewing Machine

I got a Brother LS14 Sewing Machine. Sewing is something ive always wanted to do. in School i struggled threadding neadles (im dyslexix and dyspraxic). I have never been able to knit, no matter how many times someone has tried to show me its just never happened. So i though why not try a sewing machine! what have i got to loose at 34!

So out i went and bought the best i could afford at the time.

The first thing i did was buy lots of very cheap fabric squares and practiced rows of stitches. i struggle sewing straight lines.

first couple of things i made Treat pouch Iphone case and dog bandana. Stitches are shocking but im getting better.

My next task is to make a dog bone toy for Willow (the lab) and Pippin (spaniel) and some bunting using a kit i bought.